Our vision
Our objective is to expand the possibilities for new and experimental theatre in Windsor/Essex County. We believe that theatre goes beyond four walls and a stage; we strive to redefine the roles of actors and audience by building a stronger relationship to the space around us in this particular community, at this particular moment in time. We aim to harness the uncertainty and unrelenting aspects of life and put them on the stage by asking thought provoking questions, and sharing deep, personal stories. We invite the community to put their trust in us, and allow us to take them somewhere they have never been before; physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

Our vision for the future of our work is to challenge the assumptions people have about what theatre is, and turn it on its head. Why do we gather in a room? What stories do we want to hear? What unravels us? What would happen if we ran out of questions?

Theatre is essential to our existence. We, as a species, are drawn to the art of storytelling; we revel in what is exciting and new in our lives, and relish in the stories we cherish, and live to retell again and again. We, at Sundays and Mondays Theatre Collective, see the necessity of a community gathering together to share in the art of storytelling through newly devised Canadian theatre works. 

Who are we?

Sundays and Mondays Theatre Collective is a recently developed ensemble comprised of four female artists from Windsor/Essex County, Canada. Sundays and Mondays is: Cara Rodger, Brittany Shepley, Kaitlyn Kelly, and Daniela Piccinin. All graduates of the University of Windsor’s BFA in Acting program, we came together with the knowledge that we share a similar vocabulary for creating work, and a desire to put our combined creativity into action. We strive to make innovative, bold, and thought provoking theatre in the Windsor/Essex County community.

​​Sundays and Mondays is the start of something new and uncertain; we are passionately willing to risk in order to cultivate our identity from our experiences as four women creating original theatre. We work within the limitations of time, exploring ways to stretch, expand, defy, and embrace it. The result is a sense of practicality and wild abandon merged into one. We see the remarkability in the simplicity of the everyday, and the ordinary; what makes us human. We aren’t looking to be palatable. We aim to be abundantly simple, yet maddeningly complex. We’ll probably change our minds about everything tomorrow.