​Written and devised by: Kaitlyn Kelly, Brittany Kraus, Daniela Piccinin, and Cara Rodger

"What if there was a way to go back and uncover what you no longer remember? What don’t we know about ourselves that could alter our perception of who we think we are? Four women delve into the booze soaked, drug addled memories of David Carr, exploring what it means to discover the truth of self perception through the spaces between. Inspired by his memoir “The Night of the Gun: A Reporter Investigates the Darkest Story of His Life. His Own”, they will come up against the mind’s greatest evolutionary tactic: memory."


Written by: Kaitlyn Kelly and Brittany Kraus

Devised by: Kaitlyn Kelly, Brittany Kraus, and Daniela Piccinin

Assistant Director: Eric Branget

Original Music by: Kaitlyn Kelly

"It’s the 1920s in southwestern Ontario: The Golden Age of extravagant parties, hot jazz, and a seemingly endless flow of liquor. Prohibition has boldly made its way across the United States on account of the Volstead Act, and Ontario border cities are reaping the economic benefits. "Shallow Waters" journeys through the true stories of Canadian women who have impacted Ontario’s notorious rum-running past, and brings to light the struggle of finding women’s presence in Canadian history. What does it mean to harness power as a woman in a world dominated by men? At what lengths will a woman go through to make her mark in history?"